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Debut EP released by Polish neofolk band Grave of Love.


released July 8, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Antisound Studio, June/July 2017.

Music and lyrics by Grave of Love
except 'The Flower Forever Dies' lyrics by Omar Khayyam

'We Are Not Forgotten' videoclip edited at Antisound Studio.



all rights reserved


Grave of Love Katowice, Poland

Grave of Love is Polish neofolk/martial industrial band from Katowice. At the moment the band is preparing its full length album for 2018 and have just released debut EP entitled 'Decay'. We are not Forgotten!

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Track Name: We Are Not Forgotten
We have come so far and struggled for so long
But still we have not lost our path
We are not prisoners of our past
Within the walls made of glass
We are not forgotten

Nothing I regret
I stand with pure heart
Is there any hope left for us
As we keep our heads held high
We are not forgotten

We are not forgotten
Track Name: We All Fall Down
we think we see
the top of the mountain
and we do not expect
what will bring the next step
as strong as we climb
we all fall down
we all fall down

we keep falling down
from the highest skies
we lose our voices
in our throats
and we lose our passion
we all fall down
we all fall down

life crushes the spine
but you still keep trying
as above so below
we all fall down
we all fall down
trying to reach the sky
we all fall down
we all fall down
Track Name: Fading into the Unknown
I have lost
all I cared for everything has turned to dust
my soul is in decay
I will never rest
I will find my way
hello darkness my old friend
hello darkness my old friend
my old fellow my old friend

we fade into unknown
we have no faith in life anymore

look at me
I'm still here
oh darkness my old friend
I still feel emptiness
within my soul

we fade into unknown
we have no faith in life anymore

we are lost in emptiness
we are lost in emptiness
Track Name: The Flower Forever Dies
'O threats of hell, and hopes of paradise,
One thing at least is certain - this life flies;
One thing is certain and all the rest is - lies,
The flower that once has bloomed forever dies'

lyrics: Omar Khayyam
Track Name: Keep the Flame Burning
isolate the flame
conjure the power
let the fire burn your soul
let the fire burn the world
Track Name: Decay
We are lost
in endless pain
and we live in decay
Track Name: Rose on Grave
on the grave of love
I shall leave you a rose